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Maunten Blu Arabica - Pure Blu Single origin


Maunten Blu’s contribution to the Gourmet Coffee Culture, starts with a Single Origin Organic, grown at 1450-1750m above sea level, Heritage Blue Arabica from the High Mountains of New Guinea under our Village Direct Trade Partnership and affiliation’s. A Heritage BLU, Pure in design, Culturally Organic, just for you...

Maunten Blu Arabica

Australian coffee drinkers are becoming increasingly discerning and are constantly on the lookout for new and original taste experiences. Our latest contribution to this country’s coffee culture originates from the well-known coffee growing mountainous regions of Papua New Guinea, we are proud to offer the high altitude grown Jamaican Blue Heritage Maunten Blu Specialty under our ‘Direct Trade’ Village alliance partnerships.

Direct Trade ensures that our small niche partnership, with initially a small select family group of growers, maintain their coffee beans to the expected levels of Quality Blu we require and directly support the clans with in the Village alliance. It might cost a little more but then we know we have achieved something positive in maintaining an alliance, a service, and a quality of coffee that is expected for the Maunten Blu name.

Many coffee companies bypass PNG as a source for high-grade coffees, as they don’t understand its rich coffee heritage or appreciate the product quality. However, we have been involved in the industry for more than 20 years, working directly with people in PNG, assisting with their processing, of this high-quality mature rich coffee bean.

We appreciate the excellent reputation of High Altitude Grown, Maunten Blu Single Origin and are proud to bring this exceptional coffee to the Australian market under our Heritage Blu label. We supply it when its needed the most, throughout Australia and select international markets, roasted and packaged to order and now a full option of Green bean Maunten Blu for Import and Export. We understand the Quality of Blu, we want you to experience it to.

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