Refund & Returns Policy

Maunten Blu – Returns Policy

Being a fresh food product, it becomes an issue and extremely hard to return it for any refund and pretty much downhill as soon as you open it. After all we are talking about Coffee and not a coffee that has sat on the shelf for any length of time?

We have given this a lot of thought and consideration and really, we know the product is fresh with a full quality assurance process so if there are to be any issues or claims then please use the following as a guide to performance.


Maunten Blu offers a full refund policy

We do understand that we will suffer certain damage issues either in transit through our freight forwarders or with in packaging, so we are mindful of this issue and do offer a full refund option or replacement option for your purchases. Please ensure you contact us direct for any issues and concerns so we can fix any problem encountered.

Maunten Blu Thanks you for your business.

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