The Pure Blu Payment Experience

Maunten Blu uses eWay Australia for its website E-commerce experience and we do not save the payment information at all and if your using our Facebook shop through either SHOPIFY or SHOP TAB / PAY PAL payments then much the same, we are not storing the information. We use nothing but secure gateways much like every other professional business so believe me we have you covered.

Delivery Shipments

If shopping through our website www.mauntenbluarabica.com.au then the prices listed are all represented for delivery throughout Australia and International. We generally use Australia Postal service options and in some cases a range of couriers to support the business needs and the customer needs.

If your shopping through our Business site https://www.facebook.com/arabicablu/   on face Book and using the shopify or shop tab experience then the shipping costs have been calculated with flat rates in mind. If its more then we cover the cost for you free of charge.

International Logistics:

Maunten Blu will be flexible either with fixed rates or Australia Post calculator rates. If its more then we will cover the extra costs with no impact to you or we can do a custom solution by e-mailing us at steven.honey@bairms.com.au and we will do the hard logistics for you and send you an invoice for payment.

Domestic Delivery Australia Wide:

A range of couriers, sendle, Australia Post we use them all when needed.

Maunten Blu Delivery Times to You.

Maunten Blu utilises the standard delivery agents and couriers that all have access to so this is usually a 7-10 delivery schedule for local Australia through either postal services and sometimes with a courier it is cheaper. It maybe a little longer or shorted as roasting is every week end for send out.

For International delivery, there will be a 10-14 delivery delay for all carton / packet orders depending on the courier being used. If you do have your own courier then please feel free in contacting us first as the DHL options are faster and we can also use air freight throughout parent company BAIR Management Freight solutions to speed things along if required.

Maunten Blu Delivery Schedule:

The delivery process is guided by the coffee order and from the point of ordering online through either purchase portal.

  • Order is placed and paid for either on line web site or Facebook business site which is fresh roasted and packaged within 72 hours.
  • Dispatched to the nominated purchase address by the most secure means so this means if Australia Post has a delay then we use a courier to meet the schedule out our cost.
  • Domestic Australia 7-10 days
  • International 10-14 days

Pure Blu Samples

Well I think we discussed that one with in the MBA Coffee sample rules but like I have mentioned we are open to anything if we can make it work for you.

Pure Blu Whole Beans

All coffees sold under the Maunten Blu Wholesale banner are considered Fresh roasted, packaged whole beans only. We do not do retail at this time and will update when and if we make the change.

Pure Blu Online Coffee Purchasing Experience

Coffee beans are classified as a Food Product and will only be prepared from their natural green bean state to a roasted perfection state on an approved payment order through our systems GST FREE.

Freshness is Goodness and a guarantee its 100% fresh is best product packaged and delivered to your door. The only way to drink your Pure Blu is fresh roast it and deliver it to you

Our partners... perfecting the art of brewing great coffee