It’s not just in the name, it’s the bean itself

Most of the coffee varietals grown in PNG are descended from the esteemed Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and many of the smaller niche lots grow only Heritage Maunten Blu, which provides a range of High Altitude grown, single origin exceptional coffee beans with exceptional balanced flavour, full bodied and a traditional rounded finish.

These coffees are extremely clean, with exceptional complexity and have a wonderful rich caramel and silky chocolate finish. Given the over-saturated Australian coffee market with a million and 1 blended bean options, we understand how vital it is to maintain the excellent quality and consistency of our single origin (never blended) coffee beans. We are confident that you, as well as your coffee-savvy customers will enjoy and appreciate the unique flavour and provenance of Maunten Blue.

We didn’t need extensive research to understand the nature of the BLU, it really is about drinking PURE and being part of the CREW……. the ‘BLU CREW’…. we are proud to offer the very popular and highly sought after Maunten Blu Arabica as a representation, expression of our own Heritage shared with you.


We at Maunten Blu Arabica believe that, in life, you generally get what you pay for. This is no different to the coffee industry, where there is no secret method, magic formulas or hidden gems. Producing the best coffees is a quite straightforward combination of the following points:

  • The quality you desire.
  • The importance you attach to sourcing pure, non-blended coffee
  • The provenance (country of origin) you prefer.
  • The history and heritage of the coffee.
  • The sensory alert to the smell of the coffee.
  • The taste of the coffee.

If you have reasonably high aspirations, ticks against all these points mean that, by default, you eliminate a substantial portion of the coffee market and narrow it down to a small, quality selection. Maunten Blu Pure Blu falls into this small, discerning sector of the local and international market forming and reaching out to the new growing members of the BLU CREW.

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