The Blu Payment Option for You!

Maunten Blu operates (2) platforms at this time to cover the needs and requirements of our shoppers. Maunten Blu offers a range of payment options and if these are not to your liking then please contact us direct and we can arrange something personal for you. These payment systems can and will be accessed through our web site and our Facebook Business site

As we have mentioned previously in other correspondence we do not capture or store your payment information which makes it safe for you as much as Maunten Blu.

The payment points you can access to purchase our goods are either through our Maunten Blue website and using a premium and secure gateway, eWay Australia for credit cards, Pay Pal or simple direct bank transfer to our accounts. These are also applicable through our Facebook Business account shop experience.

If your unsure and prefer to know it all like me before buying, then please contact us on and will answer all the questions you need….as long as not to personal though as we do believe in respect being the vital core part of any shopping experience.

We will advise if making payment by bank transfer you may encounter a small delay of about 1 or 2 days while the funds deposit into our account. If your using the Combank then this should be a seamless non-delayed transfer experience for you as well as the Blu.

The general rule of thumb is that all orders will be actioned with our Roaster on approved and settled funds which prevents a delay for you as well as the Blu Team dealing with our Roaster so we try and make sure that all systems are in place and ready to go to prevent any issues.

Thanks to You from Maunten Blu.

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