The history of coffee in Papua New Guinea

Coffee from Papua New Guinea comprises only one percent of the world’s total supply, which we consider a loss to coffee connoisseurs, considering its quality and exceptional characteristics. It is nevertheless PNG’s second largest agricultural export and highest foreign exchange earner, employing around 2.5 million people.

Commercial coffee production in PNG dates back to 1926 when the first seeds from the legendary Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee were planted. Coffee in PNG is grown in near-ideal climatic conditions and is one of the few single origin coffees in the world that can deliver across a full flavour-wheel.

The sourcing, processing and transportation of coffee from PNG is a challenging exercise due to political and financial disruption, a lack of appropriate infrastructure and crime. Despite this, if there is one origin that we could nominate as having the greatest potential to lead in the international coffee market, it is – without a doubt – PNG.

While other coffee companies ship tons of premium grade Kenyan single origin coffees each month, Maunten Blu Pure Blu Single Origin is a unique, rare and world-class coffee that we take pride in offering. Whether brewed by plunger, stovetop or espresso, these coffees shine. We consider these PNG specialty grade coffees to be some of the most balanced and well-rounded in our portfolio.

BAIR Management Solutions also takes pride in directly supporting growers in PNG. Sadly, from around 2009, many small landowners turned from coffee as a cash crop to alternatives such as timber, other food products, or mining. We are proud to be helping the industry – and smallholder cooperatives specifically – develop and expand their industry. In particular, we were asked to assist in helping develop smallholders growing premium Mountain Blue coffee.

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