SIMPLY COFFEE……. SIMPLY PNG Its Where We Have Lived……..

Bringing Culture, Diversity, Sustainability and Life Blood to your door…. who knew it all started with Maunten Blu?

People who have been affiliated with PNG, pretty well know, understand and truly accept the reputation of Maunten Blu Single Origin being some of the world’s best coffee on the global market.

Papua New Guinea is an origin of remarkable potential, but it does succumb to a range of challenges, a lack of appropriate infrastructure, poor support or annoying political interference by government. Despite these respective issues, that are simply PNG, there is one (1) coffee bean origin that we could nominate as being our most competitive in the market, the most dominance in the market and positioned as a clear leader in the local and International Market place….”’Yes in Deed’…. it is without doubt PNG Maunten Blu Arabica.

Whilst others move tons of premium grade Kenyan or Brazil, Ecuador to name a few single origin coffees each month, Maunten Blu Pure Blu Single Origin is without a doubt world-class, roasted to order and shipped direct (no shelf sitters here) Many coffee companies focus on other origins or bypass PNG completely ,because they don’t understand it’s people, culture and beauty or its real potential on the world scene.

Having a strong history and back ground affiliation with Papua New Guinea and working with the growers for “M.B.A. Direct Trade’ solutions and business services, we are all about helping the industry and the small holder co-operatives moving forward with market options under a new platform that will be around for ever. Maunten Blu isn’t new, it was formed some years ago with our first business of importing and exporting Blue Mountain coffee located in Maleny, on the sunshine coast hinterland so some may recognize the name as it was well known as the PNG coffee shop and great coffee.

Since 2009, the availability of quality PNG coffees in Australia has been limited. Changes to the distribution of the main export supplier meant that quality was being sacrificed, much like the vanilla bean industry and concentrated on the pursuit of volume and over the last 5 years this has resulted in an overall decline in the general range of PNG coffee availability for the global market let alone the quality issues falling under corrupt practices. There are still a few that are spending the time the money to ensure their name and quality remain in tact which is great to see and there are a new range of coffee houses opening in Lae on the way out to Nadzab which shows some effort of life coming back into the industry. It was sad to see some of the larger coffee houses we dealt with 10 years or more ago collapse due to the reduction in business assistance, expatriates leaving and heading back to their home place which meat a loss in skills or skill set to operate their businesses.

B.A.I.R. Management Solutions (Company) that owns Maunten Blu Pure Blu Arabica were asked to assist in business solutions and developing small holders, growing premium grade Mountain Blue coffee, which seem to coincide with a range of other issues around the same time as many of the small landholders that had traditionally used coffee as a cash-crop began to look at alternatives such as selling their precious land to timber corporations or abandoning coffee for other food products for fast money deleting many years of Heritage over night or mining consortiums moving in, sad as it is though the world keeps moving forward and it’s the cycle of life and allows for people like ourselves that are directly affiliated with the country and its people, come in and offer alternatives and options to accessing the market once again providing a level of assistance and sustainable income along with the training required to grow.

Some people hunt tornados…………….we hunt Maunten Blu coffee beans in hard to get to places.

Most of the coffee varietals grown in PNG are from the esteemed Jamaica Blue Mountain and where Maunten Blu Heritage was born. Maunten Blu small lots which are rich coffees with exceptional flavour, body and rounded finish grown, as it represents…on mountains located in PNG – grown at high altitude in the Simbu Provence among others and over the years have identified and developed the small holder growers in line with our partnership in PNG with Trans North Marketing Consultants, another small company we have been assisting in developing to their full potential. These coffees are extremely clean, rich and full bodies with exceptional complexity and a wonderful caramel and chocolate finish and cover the central Highlands to the rugged terrain locations like the Kokoda Mountains.

As a plunger, stovetop or espresso, these coffee shine in any situation and we consider these PNG specialty grade Maunten Blu Beans to be about the most balanced and rounded within our increasing portfolio.

Standard tasting Notes:

This PNG coffee ticks every box for being Classy, Natural, Authentic, Exotic and a Known heritage, Blu Maunten Pure Blu Coffee with Lush, rich, full bodied smoothness with a buttery refined sweetness that is just so Moorish, let alone addictive. Sometimes it tastes like molten chocolate, sometimes it’s a spiced bourbon with cinnamon and fruit, other times spices and all things nice.

Clean, balanced and very rewarding. This is how coffee should be always!! and why today, we have a new platform business called Maunten Blu Pure Blu Arabica…………support the people then support the Bean!

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